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Blackley Baptist Church was founded in 1789 by the initiative of one man, James Cartledge, and it is unusual in that it started with a building which then attracted a congregation.

The present Church has been in use since 1878 when the congregation outgrew the building.


James Cartledge was a senior deacon at Salendine Nook Baptist Church who had a disagreement that ended in him being expelled from membership in 1772. 


He made a vow not to sit down in that church again he said that 'if God would prosper him he would build him a house.' 


His business flourished and Blackley Baptist Church was completed in 1789. It is now two cottages to the right of the present church building.


The first covenant was drawn up in 1793 and showed a membership of 47.Mr Cartledge was described as being of 'sound faith' and frequently preached at the chapel.


Rev John Hindle from Elland was appointed in 1791 followed by Rev John Rowland. Rev John Rigby was appointed in 1798.

When the Rev Roger Briggs began his ministry in 1874 his saw one of his main tasks as building a new chapel with a school. 

The present building was opened on 28th December 1878.

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